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MESSAGE from our President

MEC is here, for design
with all our heart.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Akihiko Watanabe

What is required for modern interior is, we think, “beauty and comfort with sufficient care for people and the environment”.

MEC Design International Corp. was founded in 1972 as an interior design sector of Mitsubishi Estate Group. Since then, we have been providing numerous high-quality interior designs for a wide variety of clients such as domestic leading companies, foreign-affiliated firms, restaurant business corporations, collective housing developers and their tenants with our advantages of these abundant experiences, know-hows, flexible aides and detailed and accurate techniques. Now we boast of having one of the top performances in Japan’s interior design business.

We have a wide range of services. Our expert staff members of each field such as interior designers, equipment engineers, furniture designers, signage designers and project managers provide various solutions. These days we conduct consulting operations making full use of the know-hows we have accumulated so far and maintaining the high quality in the form of one-stop service with Design & production as its core activity.

We will continue to contribute to creating an ever-valuable society as well as demonstrate our strong points to the utmost in the way only we can, respond to customers’ needs with our eyes focused on social needs and environmental changes.